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About Us

Hi my name's Harmony and I run HemlockFX! 


I have always been passionate about art and I've very much grown up in an artistic environment from a young age, starting with my own personal DIY projects, which my mum was happy to encourage me by giving me access to art supplies or showing me how to make things. I then went on to do GCSE Art in Secondary school which taught me a lot of my base skills. I'd still be doing my own art projects outside of this, even dabbling in a bit of Warhammer model painting for Warhammer and Dungeons & Dragons games! 


I first got into doing Special effects makeup back in University when I'd be chilling in my first year halls, playing computer games, watching anime, TV and films.  Sometimes, I'd get the itch to fiddle about with my makeup drawing tattoos on my hands or painting robot designs on my skin with Citadel paints (Don't try at home, folks!) and eventually I evolved into using more varied makeup products and started volunteering to do stage makeup for the productions in my Touring Theatre Masters degree as well as volunteering to do make up for Live-Action Role-playing (LARP) events. 

LARPing, Cosplaying and my many other pop-culture influenced hobbies have also served as fantastic inspiration for my artistry supplying me with a never-ending stream of ideas, designs and techniques that I can apply to my work.

HemlockFX is a freelance makeup artistry business that can be booked for sessions/events but also produces Special Effects products to sell.

The products and services are for those looking for a cosmetic artist or cosmetic products to enhance their visual appearances using beauty or special effects makeup situated within the Theatre/Film and Cosplay/Live-action Role-playing Industries.

My goal is to focus on making my products and makeup artistry durable, kind to the skin, long lasting and high quality whilst bringing my own artistic vision to the services and products.

I also strive to buy, sell and use products which are eco friendly and cruelty free.

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